Monday, 2 May 2011

NHL Playoffs Second Round Predictions

Boston Bruins Vs. Philadelphia Flyers - This is a really good matchup, both teams have bad blood from last years playoffs.  I think that Boston took their playoff loss to heart last year and is going to come out thumping Phili.

Vancouver Canucks Vs. Nashville Predators - Both teams had a really good first round, both going to game 7's.  However, the Canucks are still the Presidents Trophy winners and have Bobby Lou and the Sedin twins, so I am inclined to take the Vancouver Canucks in this series.

Detroit Red Wings Vs. San Jose Sharks - This series is a hard one to pick for me, as both these teams are my favourites.  San Jose is looking good against the wings early round.   I really hope the Wings win, however, I think their 10 day break from beating Pheonix too quick was probably a bad thing for them.  I'm taking San Jose in this match up.

Washington Capitals Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning - Both teams had a tough first round schedule and proved worthy.  However, in my opinion, Washington lacks a good second and third line for Offence where as Tampa is a high powered machine with 2-3 good lines to backup their already powerful first line. I'm taking Tampa Bay in this matchup.