Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Zdeno Chara's hit on Max Pacioretti

This was a very controversial hit for the hockey community.  Personally, I believe that it was not intentional.  In a game that is played at such high speeds, how is it possible to know that the man your about to finish your check on is close to the beginning of the boards.  It is way to hard to determine that at the intensity this level demands.  In my opinion, Zdeno Chara was finishing his check a bit late, that had it been any other part of the boards it would have been just an ordinary hit.  If anything the call was interference for a late hit.  I support the NHL in their decision to not fine or suspend Zdeno Chara.


  1. Huge hit! It was kind of dirty, but I understand that it's hard to consider your opponents safety when you are playing such a high intensity game.

  2. I don't know, looks like most of the severity was due to the speed they were moving at rather than an intentional hit

  3. That was very intense.
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